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C4 -  Charities

Percentage of all proceeds from C3 Instruction classes will go to the following charities :

Agape Acres


Agape Acres is a small farm outside the big city of Charlotte, NC, a refuge, where at-risk and vulnerable youth are connected with a caring, trained mentor, nature, and a rescue horse to bring about hope and change.  The beauty, goodness, and healing that is inspired by nature and horses will be shared in an intentional way, as communication and trust are built with a positive role model.

Speak Up Magazine

Speak Up is a printed and online publication that gives a voice to the voiceless.

Storytellers facing homelessness, poverty, incarceration, and addiction share essays, interviews, videos, photos and art.True stories from real people.

People facing homelessness and poverty become Vendors who sell Speak Up magazines and online subscriptions for immediate and long-term income.

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