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Getting Ready For
College Workshop 
+ Senior To-Do Add On

This workshop is the Getting Ready for College Workshop with an added time focused on senior year. This is a must for second semester juniors and all seniors, but younger high school students are welcome to attend. After the material covered in Getting Ready for College, additional time is spent on writing an admissions essay, scholarship applications and interviews, housing options, understanding the cost of college, and detailed financial aid information including the FAFSA.  

One - on - One with Kristen

Meet with Kristen to discuss anything covered in the Getting Ready for High School, Getting Ready for College, Senior To-Do, Exploring Your Career & Major Workshops and more!  Let her help plan your high school courses and activities, schedule your SAT or ACT, organize your college applications, apply for financial aid, choose your major, and generally be a helping hand as you tackle this process.  

Career Certification Course

This 120-hour course is for professionals looking to apply for the GCDF (Global Career Development Facilitator) or CCSP (Certified Career Services Provider) certifications.  Through a combination of face to face, Zoom sessions, and working on your own, learn the twelve career competencies and more along with examples of engaging activities for your students and clients.  Make yourself more marketable with a global career certification!

Getting Ready For
College Workshop

This workshop is for 10th and 11th graders. Learn about the SAT and ACT, as well as how to navigate the college admissions process. Understand how to narrow your college search, application tips and tricks,  scholarships and financial aid, as well as discounted tuition programs. Be confident as you consider your plans after high school and make sure that your choices now are setting you up for success.

SAT/ACT Prep Class
September 23, 2023

This one-time course is perfect for students signed up to take the October 7, 2023 SAT or October 28, 2023 ACT. Use the strategies shared in this class to increase your test scores. Learn to solve math problems quickly and easily using the unique technique created by Carolina College Test Prep. By practicing the skills as you are learning them, you will walk away from the class with new knowledge that will help you in your upcoming SAT or ACT test!   

Planning For
High School Workshop

This workshop is for 8th and 9th graders looking to get a strong start to their high school careers. Learn about the required classes, the class levels, grading scales, PSAT, and much more. Understand how your activities and choices in high school will impact your college admissions process and how to make the most of the opportunities that await you!  This workshop is packed with information on how to navigate high school to get the most out of your high school years and prepare you for the best college admission process. 

Exploring Your Career
& Major Workshop 

This workshop is for 8th graders to college students looking to narrow in on or choose a major. Use the career assessments and activities offered in this class to make an informed decision about what you will study in high school and college. Changing your major once you are in college can cost time and money. Let us help start you out on the right path!

College Friends

Equipping students to make informed college and career decisions


"Kristen Starcher is an incredible career counselor. She has been assisting my son since his freshman year in high school; he is now a junior. Kristen is very prompt and thorough in answering all of our questions. Not only has Kristen advised my son of appropriate classes to take each year, she has also helped him explore and choose colleges and careers suited to his goals. Kristen is also a great resource regarding scholarships. She is extremely knowledgeable and has given us all the tools needed to pursue my son’s college and career choice."

Paige C. ,


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